A refreshing approach....
It is all about the inspiration,
to change the world of fashion distribution,
on a global scale. 

Our History


Our journey, from traditional to global, started three decades ago... 


​From the very early days onwards, our hands-on approach gave Alesta the culture of producing the best quality fabrics and garments with flexibility, integrity and total commitment to customer needs.


We have maintained our success over time by responding and adapting to change, investing in new technology and remaning fully customer focused.


We continue to grow, in every aspect, together with our global clients...



Our Expertise


Quality, innovation and superior service...

As an industry leader in fashion production, we thrive on playing a proactive role, bringing together unique designs in new collections for each client.  Each and every collection offers custom choices, ensuring style and quality hand-in-hand.


We listen, guide, inform and refine, producing timeless styles.


Our Commitment


''You brand it, we make it!''

We strive to constantly increase customer satisfaction while we help our customers maximize their profit margins benefiting from our services.